Craft is a modern casual dining space that is wholly unique in all of Japan. Located in the Higashimuki covered shopping street just 3-minutes walk from Exit 2 of Kintetsu Nara station, the “gastropub”-style restaurant offers one of the largest and most varied menus in all of Nara.

With more than 40 food items on our standard menu (plus a dozen more “off-menu” daily preparations by our chef); 10 taps of Japanese and international craft beers; nearly two dozen choices of wine and Nara nihonshu (sake); assorted Chinese and Japanese teas; with plenty of soft drink and juice options; there is something here to suit all ages and taste preferences.

Located on the 2nd floor of the Inoue Bldg., LBK Craft is open Tuesday through Sunday from 14:00. Last food orders are generally from 21:30, while last calls on beverage orders are always open to negotiation.

On the weekends and holidays, our restaurant space is available during the day for special events; classes and seminars; as well as by-request custom menu dining experiences. Please contact us at info@lbkcraft.com or call 0742.93.6707, for more information on reserving LBK Craft or to join one of our events!

The LBK Team

Lily Perkins

Owner / Manager

Lily was born in China, studied Japanese at Suzhou University and came to Japan in 1999. She had a long career working in a variety of businesses from travel agencies to major electronics manufacturers, recruitment companies, and apparel trading companies. She has been working independently for the last 5 years, developing a variety of internet-based shops along with managing and running private accommodation rentals throughout Kansai, Japan. She is fluent in Chinese, Japanese, and English. With a bright and outgoing character, Lily enjoys eating, dancing salsa, traveling, and socializing. She loves talking to everyone and is LBK Craft’s primary people-person!

Takao “Kimu” Kimura

Head Chef / Renaissance Man

In 1982, a single heretic was born. Kimu grew up in a blessed environment where he could do whatever he wanted. He started cooking from fishing, which was his father’s hobby. By the time he graduated from elementary school he had already decided to become a cook. After graduating from a prestigious cooking school, Kimu found employment at a nationwide hotel. It was at this time that he transferred his life from Nagoya to Nara, where he met Mr. Okuda, a chef who specialized in vegetable preparations. It was in Mr. Okuda’s Japanese cuisine restaurant Kawanami, where Kimu learned the basics of making vegetables and cooking in a commercial kitchen. Since that time, he has acquired 11 years in the cooking industry in ramen shops, Japanese restaurants, steak houses, cake shops, and more. At 29, he opened his own restaurant—Satsuki space Mizuba— and worked it for four and a half years before closing it in preparation for a return to his hometown in Nagoya. While working part-time in the Nishinokyo, Nara restaurant of Ichihashi, Kimu encountered frequent customers Lily & Bob. It was then decided among the three that Mr. Kimura should stay in Nara and come be a part of the LBK Craft family.

Bob Perkins

Owner / Manager

Bob Perkins

Owner / Manager

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